Cleaning Green vs. Green Cleaning

If you've thought about switching to green cleaning, you've got a lot to think about before jumping in feet first. First, you need to know just what green cleaning means. Too many people think that by switching to green cleaning chemicals, they're now providing environmentally friendly cleaning services. Although it's good to make the switch, there's much more to it than that.

Green cleaning is defined as a system of cleaning that promotes healthy surroundings for building occupants, and is also less detrimental to the environment.

So what does "cleaning green" vs. "green cleaning" mean? It means we should be cleaning for health and hygiene first, and the environment second. You shouldn't clean for "green" first if you lose something in health and hygiene, or if you have to work harder to get the job done.If you're considering switching to a green cleaning program, you also need to think about your cleaning procedures and the equipment you're using. For example, if you're using an upright vacuum cleaner with a cloth bag, then you're allowing dust to become airborne because the vacuum doesn't have a filtration system to keep the dust contained in the machine. Your upright vacuum is not an environmentally friendly piece of equipment and you should consider switching to another type of vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.If you're using feather dusters to dust, you're allowing dust to become airborne, which is not the "cleaning green" way to clean. Instead, you should make the switch to microfiber cloths, which contain the dust rather than spreading it around or making it airborne.Making changes like these means you're concerned about the health and safety of the building occupants, including yourself and your cleaning workers. And, it also means you're "cleaning green"!There are many more things you need to know if you'd like to provide environmentally friendly cleaning services, so if you're interested in making the switch to "cleaning green",

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