Quality Control

EXPERIENCE THE Morgan Janitorial Enterprise LLC ADVANTAGE

We equip our cleaners with mobile technology that helps them do their best work and allows us to better manage our team here’s what it means for you.

  • Our cleaners know exactly how you like your pace to be cleaned, even when they’re new.
  • If a cleaner misses a shift, we know about it first and can ensure your space is still cleaned on time.
  • We begin addressing any issues that arise on site before they impact you or your business.

We love our office cleaner’s software, and we noticed a difference instantly. They know when little things come up and just deal with it! BRIANNA STRATTON, THE BRIDGE.

Removing Language Barriers
Miscommunications can impact the quality of service you receive. We use Swept to send messages, instructions, and feedback in the cleaner’s native language. This ensures our cleaners understand what is expected of them and allows them to do their best work.

Reporting Problems Proactively
No one is perfect, but we differentiate ourselves by being proactive if something does come up. Our cleaners are trained to report any issue, big or small, at the end of their shift so that their manager is aware and can begin troubleshooting immediately.

Customized Cleaning Instructions
Say goodbye to log books, and hello to the future of cleaning. With your permission, we’ll take photos of your space and add notes to each one for our cleaners. With these detailed, visual instructions our cleaners will know exactly how you’d like each room to be cleaned.